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With over 20 years of uninterrupted experience

Yasrebi group with over 21 years of uninterrupted experience in the field of international trading by using native managers and experts and also using the world’s latest Science and technology in this field, has managed to make significant contributions in importing, exporting and services from our country to the countries like Turkey, Iraq, Georgia, Emirates, China, France and Austria. Yasrebi holding includes (contains) sets of firms which have wide activities in different fields such as food industry, knitting industry, packing industry, construction equipments, construction projects, oil products, medicine, medical equipments, Producing household appliances and international transportation. Yasrebi holding with the aim of self-sufficiency of our country and relying on the principle that the international trading is based on a supply and demand relations for goods and services among different countries of the world, is determined to expand its activities.