The Moheb medicine Business

Tejarat Moheb medicine part has started its Import-Export business since the beginning of 2015. The task of this unit was to investigate the supply and demand, i.e the domestic Medicine needs. As we know, with regard to the sanctions imposed over the past years, we have faced barriers to the import and export of medicine, but with regard to the lifting of sanctions, the Tejarat Moheb medicine business is more seriously prepared to cooperate in importing, exporting medicine and materials The primary goal of this company is to expand its activities with the goal of the country's self-sufficiency in the field of medicine and supplying the demands in this field and even exporting it to other countries.

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Yasrebi building, NO 349, On the corner of Aram Alley, Northern Mofateh Street, Hafte Tir Square, Tehran, Iran.


(VIP) +9821-42190