Samir Tejarat yasrebi

SAMIR TEJARAT YAREBI Co. was established in 2016. Over the past years, the main field of this company's activities has been the import of specific and authorized commercial goods according to the specific orders of the customers and manufacturing companies for applying in the production line of these companies. These items involve a wide variety of raw materials and essence for detergent production factories, as well as machinery spare parts. In addition, SAMIR TEJARAT YAREBI Group. is the exclusive representative of BALLYA Co. (manufacturer of various antibiotic kits in China and the only importer of milk antibiotic kits of this company and plays an important role in supplying this required product for the country's dairy industry. Support in the supply of raw materials through opening Rial Letter of Credits (domestic LC) is also considered as one of the activities of SAMIR TEJARAT YAREBI Co. to cooperate with domestic factories and producers.

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Yasrebi building, NO 349, On the corner of Aram Alley, Northern Mofateh Street, Hafte Tir Square, Tehran, Iran.


(VIP) +9821-42190