Ghalmaro Danesh Iranian

As one of the Qalamroo Danesh Iranian Company - Yasrebi Group subsidiary company-  brands was established in 2009 after obtaining the necessary licenses in the field of sweetened-by-fruit tobacco production under the brand name of Al-Hamra from related governmental organizations.
The company’s mission is to provide a high quality, healthy product using high-grade, imported raw materials which are qualified by European countries.


This company produce its sweetened-by-fruit tobacco utilizing the up to dated equipment, machinery and technology in the world. 
The Qalamroo Danesh Iranian Company currently produces more than 40 different flavors under the Al-Hamra brand and provides them in packages of 50, 250 and one hundred grams in Iran and 10 other countries.

This great factory designs and produces all kinds of flavors for different tastes by using experienced Iranian and foreign experts. 

All of raw materials, including tobacco, flavors, glycerin, etc. has been supplied from the best and most reputable brands in the world.
Presence at the top of the world's fruit tobacco industry, is the vision of this company.
Qalamroo Danesh Iranian Company welcomes cooperation with all knowledge-based companies.

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Yasrebi building, NO 349, On the corner of Aram Alley, Northern Mofateh Street, Hafte Tir Square, Tehran, Iran.


(VIP) +9821-42190