Import of various types of goods

Import of every kind of permitted goods from all over the world in order to your needs by marine, land and air ways.
Imported goods are divided into 3 groups:
Permitted goods:goods that you can import them by getting business justification.
The permitted merchandise may not be released and may be considered as banned because of following reasons:

1. if for any reason you do not register your order.
2. not being according to the compulsory standards (without technical immune qualifications)
3. having a hygienic problem.
4. not being applicable to environment rules.
5. being exported from sources that importing from them is banned to the country.
6. to be the production of countries that are forbidden as a source in order to the law.
7. having the signs,writings or addresses on the goods or its package that deviates the consumer about the source manufacturer.
8. to have the signs,writings or pictures on the goods or its package that are against the religious,national,cultural,moral,security or other things like these.

Conditional goods: in fact conditional goods are the merchandise that for importing or exporting them about supporting the internal consumer or producer,needs consideration and issuance of justification or entering from business part or ministry industries of manufacture,mine and commerce.the term conditional good, whether for importing to the tariff area or exporting from that,has only national profits.
The forbidden goods: goods that importing them is impossible in order to national affairs, for example, smuggled goods are considered as forbidden.
The way we import as buying the needed goods:
Importing the conditional and permitted goods in order to your needs and done grouping by business ministry,into free currency or its needed currency by bank systems, provide it into cash pay and by paying on a specified time to the vendor.



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