Getting business licenses

Receiving Commercial Licenses for Conditional and Permitted Goods
Like non-prohibited goods for import, they are divided into two groups according to their type.
Allowed goods are public goods that do not have specialized health and technical aspects, etc., and their entry is subject to the Ministry of Commerce only. The cost of obtaining business licenses is calculated on the basis of half a thousand Proforma values. For example, for a proforma 000 / 100 USD Assuming that the exchange price of the exchange is 31500 Rials, the calculation method is as follows:
One hundred thousand dollars (100,000) multiplied by a price of USD (31500) multiplied by half (0.005) divided by one thousand (1000) equals to 2.550,000,000.
Conditional Goods: Certain goods are required to be obtained from authorized organizations, such as health, agriculture, medicine, etc. before obtaining a license from the Ministry of Commerce. Items such as food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc. are part of this group.
The goods for entering the country should be licensed for registration. This license is based on the information contained in Proforma and is placed on a commercial site (order registration) for obtaining a license.
Step by step to registering an order for import of goods:
"1- Proforma from the vendor company.
"2- Checking the tariff of goods. Aware of the classification of goods
"3. Registration in the registration system or the comprehensive system using the password associated with the holder of the business card.
"4. Obtaining an organizational permit, in accordance with the export and import regulations from the related organizations regarding conditional goods
"5. Pay a trade mark at a rate of five thousandth of the total value of the commodity profile, at the price of the bank currency of the same day
Buy insurance from one of the insurance companies and obtaining an insurance policy.
Ordering in the intermediary bank of the transaction.
Obtaining the order number and ensuring that it is sent to the bank (in the case of commodities with a bank currency) or customs
Importers, after reviewing the regulations, rules and regulations relating to the entry of the goods, and obtaining information from the relevant organizations and ensuring that they are allowed to enter the goods in question, with the seller of the goods abroad by fax or telephone or his official representative inside the country. Call to get informed of the terms of sale of the item under your order, such as unit price, delivery date, shipping date and ... ..
Negotiating with the seller (NEGOTIATION): The buyer will receive a deal after the correspondence and negotiation with the dealer or his agent if agreed with them.
The following items are listed in the ProForma:
"1. ORIGIN: OR COUNTRY OF ORIGIN indicates which country is the product.
"3. Validity Validity: Specifies how long the developer is valid. If, after this date, the order is registered at the bank, the seller may not accept the previously declared conditions.
"4. TRANSPORT: The type of transportation means is indicated in this section.
In some of the profiles, the goods are shipped step-by-step.
"5. PRICE: Sometimes the price of goods is presented as CIF or FOB.

Order :
Options for ordering goods in a visual, long-term, loan, bank, and with the applicant's currency. Which should be chosen by one of them, as required.
Types of Credits:
Sight Documentary Credit: According to the Beneficiary Bank, immediately after reviewing the documents submitted by the beneficiary, he / she will pay for it immediately after observing all terms and conditions of credit.
Deferred Letter of Credit: No interest is payable immediately after the presentation of the documents, after payment of the term specified in the credit.
Usance Credit: The order is for Berati. The term "strictly" means a deadline which is customary in the trade between the two countries for the payment of foreign currency. Today, this word often means a deadline for each Berati.
In the international trade practice, it means a kind of transaction is guaranteed. In this regard, the Deposited Letter of Credit is a kind of long-term loan, which, unlike the Sight Letter of Credit, gives credit as soon as the documents are transported by the beneficiary to the bank's broker He will not be paid. In the long-term credit, a negotiable document such as a brothe is not issued. In addition, such credits can not be traded. If it is issued in transactions with the company.
Registration of import orders for export: Import in relation to the issuance of valid export license issued in exchange for export value and customs seal of customs clearance from the country. The customs clearance is valid from the date of export license with the same import quotation.



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