Clearance of all types of Goods

Clearance of goods from land, air, and sea customs, as requested.
The clearance service is carried out in the following manner:
Fees: The discharges of the company are represented on behalf of you in the customs of the country (marine, air, land) and according to the custom and law, you introduce the goods to the customs and pay all the customs fees on the basis of valid bank accounts to pay In this way, the company will receive the agreed amount for you only for the cost of the withdrawal fee.
Final cost: In this method, all clearance costs are calculated and calculated in one and the same time. In this case, the responsibility for the costs was increased, and the owner of the goods paid only the agreed amount. Will.
Note: The choice of customs and the manner of carriage of goods by land or sea and air is effective in calculating and declaring costs, and considering that the customs value of the cost of receiving costs is based on the price of CIF (the price of the goods + the cost of the carriage fare and the cost of insurance) It is therefore involved in declaring the final price of clearance



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