Topic: What is the purpose of completing the consultation form?

Q: Do you intend to trade in the form of import or export, but do not have enough information to make a decision?

A: Our Commercial Advisor, after obtaining the initial information from you, collects validated supplementary information, analyzes and advises on decision making.

Q: Did you decide to enter into a trading business with the conditions of import or export, but due to the complexity of the rules, the timing of obtaining permission from the relevant organizations and the lack of expert staff to do this, you stopped?

A: Our commercial advisor will prevent you from stopping your business by providing specialized trading services, taking into account the circumstances.

Question: Is your company active in other fields?

A: Holding Company will be active in all fields of investment and proven profits.

Question: Does your company have the ability to export agricultural products?

Answer: Yes, all goods can be exported.

Question: Can you use your trading cards to export other products?

Answer: Is it possible to use this privilege to export manufactured goods.

Q: How can I work with your company?

A: We bring together a set of ideas that are considered economically or for the benefit of the company.

Question: Does your company also invest?

Answer: Yes, this collection has investment capital.

Question: What does your collection work on?

Answer: Food industry, wood and paper exports, ambulance import, petrochemicals, petroleum products, tea exports and imports, artificial grass, computers and IT, weaving sticks, household appliances and ...

Question: To what extent can this investment portfolio be?

Answer: Up to 200 billion USD, and of course with a bank guarantee

Question: Is Yasrabi Company a office in Istanbul?

Answer: Yes

Q: Can Yasrabi company also represent the food industry?

Answer: Yes

Q: Does Yasrabi make the purchase of the device in cash and in installments to the factories?

Answer: Yes