Activity History

Operating activities

In 1996, the economic activities in Iran began and gradually formulated as an international group of companies, focusing on meeting the production and export needs of domestic and foreign markets in Turkey, UAE, Iraq, Georgia, China and Europe. In 2006, in the field of supplying all types of raw materials used in the food industry, household appliances, polymer products, chemicals, cellulose, raw materials for dairy products, meat products, sweets, chocolates, breads and their raw materials, all authorized medical products; Petroleum and gas products and related artifacts, light and heavy vehicles, types of am Valens has been engaged in engineering, petrochemical, construction, real estate and other related services, which has resulted in these years of economic and employment value creation leading to the selection of one of the top 10 top-level entrepreneurs by government officials and senior officials. Iran's Commerce has been honored at the National Conference on Entrepreneurship.