Celebrating journalists and media presenters

Reporter's Day is an appreciation of the efforts of those who, with responsibility and freedom and enduring many hardships, write truths that bring about the growth and development of society and have always raised the banner of freedom, awareness and hope as trustworthy observers in various fields. On the 17th of Mordad, the day of honoring the position of journalists and members of the media, which is a day of respect for the rights of the nation in accessing accurate, immediate and appropriate information, Yasrebi Group of Companies congratulates this hard-working group.
It is worth mentioning that on the occasion of Reporter's Day, a ceremony honoring journalists and media presenters was held at Parsineh Holding with the presence of Mr. Eskandari, Parsineh News Holding Manager, Mr. Seyed Samir Yasrebi, CEO of Yasrebi Companies.
Please click to watch the video of the journalists' celebration.


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