Soft skills in the organization

Soft Skills is a combination of social skills, communication, personality, social intelligence, emotional intelligence, which helps a person to communicate with the internal and external environment. Achieved on soft skills. In Hard Skills, quantitative training is considered, such as foreign language teaching, typing, computer programming, but in Soft Skills, human or interpersonal skills such as communication, flexibility, negotiation, teamwork, and articulation are emphasized. Motivation, tolerance threshold, time management, organizational affiliation, leadership, etc. are discussed.

In the Yasrebi group of companies, the importance of "good human resources" is considered as the main capital, so by inviting expert consultants and presenting an operational roadmap for implementation in the company's board meeting, it was decided under the soft skills implementation working group Board members should be acted upon with a specific schedule. The program includes a briefing session for staff and the preparation of an action plan by the executive and operational aspects consultant.



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