What is xanthan gum and what are its uses?

What is xanthan gum and what are its uses? 
Xanthan gum is a Bacterial Polysaccharide. It is soluble in water but insoluble in alcohol. Xanthan gum has many industrial and Drug production industry uses due to its special properties and characteristics. Generally, using this substance in food products makes them thicker. Besides, presence of this material in Foodstuffs allows them to keep their solid particles in suspension.

Another Industrial use of this substance is in the production of various types of salad dressings. It’s important to know that many people also use this material in their homemade products, such as using edible xanthan gum in preparing soups and even in ice cream production. In fact, using this powder make foods more concentrated and stabilized.


What xanthan gum is made of?
Xanthan gum is created during natural fermentation process of corn, soy, cabbage, wheat, etc. bacterium forms a complex sugar-based polymer, by digesting the sugars in above items. Alcohol is then added to these substances to remove it from the solution. After doing this, xanthan dries and turns into a powder that is used in the food industry. Among the properties of this material, we can mention its high viscosity at low concentrations. On the other hand, this material has excellent stability at different pHs. Also, resistance to freezing and freezing is another feature of this product.


Xanthan gum uses in food industry.
As mentioned before, xanthan gum is used in the production of many foods. In canned foods, for example, this product is used as a stabilizer and thickener. In salad dressings, also this substance is widely used to facilitate pumping. in the production of cheese and dairy drinks it’s used to act as a stable emulsion.
It is important to know that xanthan gum is free of cholesterol and fat. It also has a lot of fiber. So it can help food digestion. This product is egg white substitute and is used as an oil absorbent in water in food and beverages. This product is used in preparation of various soups and also in the production of ice cream to prevent ice crystals to form.


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