Starch Resistamyl Modified Starch 343


Application of modified corn starch



Using modified corn starch is very widespread in the food industry due to its various properties, ease of use and reasonable price. Modified starches are used professionally for specific purposes based on the type of changes applied in their molecular structure. In fact, crosslinking starch molecules is one of the most common ways of starch modification. In this method, a small number of hydrogen bonds are replaced with strong covalent bonds the starch acquires tolerance to low pH conditions, heat and shear forces.
Modified starch is used to prepare products which are produced under the above mentioned conditions, such as various sorts of hot sauces and stirred yogurts, but if the production process is done in room temperature such as production of various salad dressings, mayonnaise sauce, confectionery fillings, etc. the gelatinized types of these modified starches are more common to use. 


Unique properties of Modified Starch Resistamyl 343
What makes Modified Starch Resistamyl 343 used in the food industry widely are the special properties of this product that we overview as follows:
• Modified Starch Resistamyl 343 does not have a starchy taste, and just because of this reason, it is used in food industry so the final product is free of any undesirable taste and odor.
• It does not contain substances and compounds which inhibit the growth of classic yogurt bacteria and does not have an antibiotic effect.
• It has little effect on the final color of the product. In dairy industry, the product has a light color, as the same color as the inlet valve.
• An important point about Resistamyl 343 is by using it, the texture and the main structure of the final product will be formed in the refrigerator or in the cooling stage, which doesn’t cause any deformation in the final texture of the product and products are much more durable and stronger in comparison with using other alternatives.
• It has a high heat resistance and stirring resistance, in comparison with other alternatives.
Preparing products such as yogurt, Kashk, ice cream and any other dairies in which items like; the supply of dry matter with increasing tissue strength and decreasing dehydration or increasing melting point are important, using Resistamyl 343 is a superior choice.
• According to the level of consumption this product and the final product quality, it cannot be denied that using it is economical.
• Modified corn starch is used in dairy industry to thicken and stretch products such as yogurt, cream, etc.
It is also used in the food industry in the preparation food products like soups, puddings and desserts for better consistency and taste.


Does modified starch mean the product is transgenic?
This question may arise. Does modified starch mean the product is transgenic? The answer is, No, this product is not transgenic at all, although, transgenic products must be labeled with the title “transgenic” in Iran.
One of the reasons of corn starch modification is that native starch creates a weak and turbid texture in the final products, which is why industry owners use modified corn starch to improve product quality. Chemical and enzymatic methods are used in corn starch modification, and the purpose is to achieve various functional properties such as improving water absorption, heat resistance, reducing dehydration in food products and improving products consistency, ultimately we can assure that the word “modified” which is printed on the products packages does not mean that the product is transgenic.

last word
Modified corn starch is a completely scientific product that is used in the preparation of food products to improve the quality of aroma, taste and concentration, this product is not transgenic at all but in order to be effective in improvement of the quality of food products has been converted to modified starch during safe chemical processes.


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