Supply of domestic and imported raw materials

In the year of surge in production, one of the most important issues in production is the supply of raw materials, which is very important for producers, and if producers have a clear vision of the supply of raw materials they need, they will definitely have more accurate planning for their production
Supplying domestic and imported raw materials is one of the most serious goals of Moheb Elbe Trading Company, this group can supply raw materials in various industries


This company operates in the field of trade as a general and always uses reputable and approved companies and sources to supply the raw materials needed by various industries. , Observe customer satisfaction and full compliance with current standards
The effort of this collection is such that the quality of the goods requested by the manufacturer or the customer is approved by the quality experts of the collection
One of the most important services of Moheb Elbe Trading Company is the supply of raw materials through investment and participation in the import of raw materials, which for reputable companies by obtaining a domestic letter or LC with a contract period of several months to provide raw materials for the production of factories And industries and thus solves the problem of lack of liquidity and supply of raw materials until the production of the final product and its sale
We welcome your request for supply and investment to supply raw materials

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