What is lecithin and what is its use?

Use of Liquid Soy Lecithin Food Grade – Non GMO
Different kinds of bakery products:
In baking all kinds of bread, cakes, biscuits and cookies, using lecithin causes to spreads the fat phase and reduce the use of fat and oil, also improves the mixing of contents.
Lecithin softens the texture of whole grain breads. In bakeries, it is added to bread dough and other products to improve their quality.
Using lecithin in cakes, causes to increase the shelf life of the cake while maintaining moisture, improves the taste and makes it to get brown evenly on top. It also helps egg yolks mix better and improves the texture of the cake.

Fillings and ice creams:
By using lecithin, these foodstuffs freeze and harden without drying out.
Chocolate manufacturing:
Using lecithin in chocolate making prevents them from blooming and greatly reduces the use of cocoa butter and oil.

Use of soy lecithin in cosmetics 
Using soy lecithin in creams and lotions, prevents the available fat from crystallizing and stabilize them.
Soy lecithin properties
According to Lecithin’s properties, it’s used in the production of various foodstuffs.
Emulsifying properties: 
According to this property, lecithin can mix oil and water; In production process of foodstuffs such as mayonnaise sauce or low fat butter, etc., which contains high present of fat, lecithin helps mix oil and water and gives us a homogeneous mixture.
But lecithin does more than just emulsify. In addition to that, it helps stabilize emulsions, which extends shelf life. 
Lecithin helps maintain moisture in food products such as chocolate, cocoa butter, etc., and gives chocolate a soft texture. It also retains moisture in dairy products and increases their shelf life.
It also reduces stickiness; By adding it to bread dough, it facilities working with the dough. 
How to purchase Liquid Soy Lecithin (Food Grade – Non GMO)
According to properties and benefits of soy lecithin (NON GMO), this product’s production is increasing and it’s used in various food industries.
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