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Message from the CEO of Yasrebi Group

As more commercial and economic activities increase investment, job creation, income increasing for the welfare of society, we as a private sector have taken a positive step in the field of trade and production by developing business environment, investment and financial markets, carrying out technology upgrades and using specialist and efficient human resources. Despite the conditions of oppressive sanctions, not only we have succeeded in maintaining the existing employment but also improving the level of employment. Aiming for the bright horizon for the future of the country's economy by making long-term planning and innovative ideas, we do our best to pave the way for growth, prosperity, job creation in regard to developing the sustainable economy of our dear country



Ghalmaro Danesh Iranian

Field of Activity: Production of soft tobacco ...
Activity Description:
  • Import of tobacco raw materials
    Import of tobacco machines
    Production line consulting

Samir Tejarat yasrebi

Field of Activity: Foreign trade ...
Activity Description:
  • Export of all kinds of raw materials for carton and paper industries
    Import of high quality Sri Lankan tea
    Import and export of cereals
    Import of livestock inputs

Rah Goshay Yasrebi Law Firm

Field of Activity: Accept legal representation in all lawsuits (legal, criminal, family, civil, bank, registrar, worker and employer, bankruptcy, customs, etc.) and provide advisory services in all legal affairs by the attorneys of the basic judiciary
Activity Description:
  • Accept legal representation in all lawsuits: criminal, legal, family, civil, accounting, customs, banking, bankruptcy, labor law, dispute resolution council, revolutionary court, Supreme Court, Administrative Justice Court ...

Tejarat nokhbeh moheb

Field of Activity: household appliances, raw materials for food industry, export and import ...
Activity Description:
  • Washing machine, refrigerator, stove
  • Import of whole milk powder, starter, glycerin and others …
  • Export of petrochemical products

Food Production Group

Field of Activity: Supply of food raw materials
Activity Description:
  • Supply of dairy raw materials of the country
  • Supply of raw materials for meat products industries
  • Supply of raw materials for confectionery, chocolate and bread

GityAfruz Rosha company

Field of Activity:Home Appliances ...
Activity Description:
  • Production, import and trade of all kinds of home appliances
    Extensive after-sales service with a valid warranty