Tejarat nokhbeh moheb

TEJARAT NOKHBEH MOHEB (TNM) Trading Co. started its activities in the field of the food industry in 2009 by establishing an R&D base and enjoying the technical knowledge of experienced and elite experts of the country's food industry. Initially, the main focus of the research activities of this business unit, which is one of the subsidiaries of YASREBI Group, was based on finding strategic raw materials with different analyses and superior quality in different countries around the world. To achieve this goal, TEJARAT NOKHBEH MOHEB through extensive researches on raw materials to produce the products following the tastes of people in different parts of Iran did consultations on the production of raw materials in the countries of origin. The result of continuous efforts of the company's managers led to the production and the import of quality raw materials based on the superior technology of developed countries and based on Iranian standards and tastes. Providing high-quality formulations, reasonable final prices as well as cooperation and companionship with food industry factories regarding the final preparation and production of raw materials has always been one of the important goals of this company.
With the expansion of the commercial activities of TEJARAT NOKHBEH MOHEB Co. in various industries and commercial activities, including the supply and import of raw materials for dairy products, animal feed, various edible oils, machinery spare parts, mobile phones, as well as exporting petrochemicals, Petroleum products, and industrial oils, this business unit has succeeded in playing a leading role in supplying the materials needed by various manufacturing plants and consumers.
To achieve this goal, the sophisticated experts of this group are always ready to provide free telephone and in-person consultation to
manufacturing factories and commercial units.




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