Antibiotic Detection Kit

1- This milk cannot be used in the production of fermented products, because antibiotics prevent the growth of beneficial microorganisms used in these products, or disrupt their growth, so the product produced from this milk will not be of good quality.
2- Consumption of dairy products containing antibiotic residues greater than the defined MRL level, can cause many health effects, including allergic reactions, body's natural microflora removal, toxicity risks, antibiotic-resistant microorganisms, and reduced sensitivity to antibiotics, etc.
There are several methods for detecting antibiotics in raw milk, including HPLC, ELISA, gel diffusion, and clot testing, all of which are expensive, time-consuming, or inaccurate. Since milk is a nutritious food for microorganisms, they should be emptied and processed in the factory as soon as possible so that the least microbial growth happens in it, therefore milk antibiotics rapid test kit are used in laboratories for this purpose.
But since these kits are all imported, by localizing their production, it is possible to reduce the cost of testing and proper interaction with the manufacturer in order to achieve the defined MRL levels in national standards or to control local antibiotics used in the country and even start exporting them. On average, the applicant departments need 60 milk antibiotics test kits per day and intend to acquire the technical knowledge of producing these kits from skilled teams.

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