Business Partners
Trading partners of Yasrebi Trading Group

Halil Naqlul started its activities in 1999. The study section is located in Ghazantip and its other branch in Jizarah. The Commercial Group of Companies delivers transportation of its products in commercial packaging according to the applicant's request. The products of this company are packaged in polypropylene bags and in cardboard boxes. Altogether, under the umbrella of the NaLo Group, there is a growing success for the brand of tea and water products. The advanced technology of this holding is managed by six active companies, with more than 1,000 human subnumbers leading this holding to a leading and advanced area. The most important component that has been shown in providing this company's services to the company is to win the trust of customers in the years of commercial communication of this holding, which has gained the highest degree of customer satisfaction. Since the activities of the Nakhlo Group have been developed from the beginning on the basis of various activities and this is the beginning with successful leadership, its ultimate goal is nothing more than to reach the peak of efficiency.