Knitting industry

Yasrebi Group Firm is one of the leading companies allocated in Gaziantep Industrial Zone and working in many sectors such as logistics, food, synthetic, carton box package and industrial lubricants and oils and with these fields of activities providing employment for over than 1.000 employers. And now we are proud to inform you that Business Partner is in tufting sector by new company of Tufting Hali Tekstil San. Ve Ltd Sti. and with brand name of “Knitting industry” with production of bath mats and sets, runner, wall-to-wall broadlooms and artificial grass carpet by using Polypropylene, Polyester, artificial grass yarn and wide variety of products and experience from long business life and well-organized corporation.

Gaziantep is an industrial city meeting 85% of carpet production in Turkey and we also took place with brand “Knitting industry” in tufting sector and by producing all kind of product groups in this range and would like to be a leading company in this field of activity and would like to achieve our global targets and objectives with support of our management and staff.

However it is not long time of establishment of our company, Knitting industry brand took good place and well-known in all Turkey, Middle-East, Europe, Africa and American markets. We are producing the all quality and floor covering types in Tufting sector in Turkey by the machines with 7 different features and became a leading company in the sector in very short time.

Knitting industry is exporting 50 countries currently and there are hundreds of variations of colors and designs which are changing as per markets and taste and culture of purchasing markets.

VISION: Our vision is to step-up in global market and take good position in our sector and to achieve export to alternative markets and increase our competitiveness in international market and to be the leader company in Turkey in its sector and become a customer-oriented company.

MISSION : To be leader in its sector in Gaziantep and high quality, innovative world market and production center by supplying the most appropriate products to the customers to meet their requirement and demands and expectations.

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