COATING is located on an area of 200.000 m of which the 10,000 m part is closed in the 4th industrial zone of Gaziantep, performs manufacturing of PP woven fabrics, PP coated fabrics and PP woven bags in its facilities equipped with European originated machinery of high technology.

Gold, which works with ISO 9001:2000 quality management and ISO 22000:2005 food safety management system, manufactures 80.000.000 units of PP woven bags a year with the personal strength of 120 people who are specialized in their own fields.

It is furnished service for agricultural and constructional sectors with the multi-purpose fabric group that they manufacture as well as the products used as a packing material in a very wide range from chemicals to textile materials, particularly the sectors of coal, food, feed and fertilizer.

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Yasrebi building, NO 349, On the corner of Aram Alley, Northern Mofateh Street, Hafte Tir Square, Tehran, Iran.


(VIP) +9821-42190