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Yasrebi Group

CEO’s Message:

In the name of God Almighty; the one that whatever we have is because of his infinite mercy; God who has blessed the effort and move; Almighty that the way to his satisfaction is to serve his servants. Our most important duty is to create a positive interaction with our audience and the society. Thus, we are highly attentive of the rights and demands of our audience and we sincerely respect their rights, which we believe is the only way of developing and sustaining entrepreneurial and industrial activities. The satisfaction of our audience has always been our ambition. We hope to be honored by Transcendent God and our precious audience.


شرکت قلمرو دانش ایرانیان


 یکی از برندهای شرکت قلمرو دانش ایرانیان ( از زیر مجموعه های گروه یثربی ) می باشد. که این شرکت  در سال 1388 تاسیس و مجوزهای لازم در حوزه تولید تنباکو معسل با برند الحمرا را از مرکز برنامه ریزی دخانیات کشور اخذ نموده است.

این شرکت ماموریت خود را تولید محصول سالم و با کیفیت با استفاده از مواد اولیه مرغوب و درجه یک وارداتی تحت لیسانس کشورهای اروپایی می داند.

شرکت سمیر تجارت یثربی

حوزه فعالیت : بازرگانی خارجی 
توضیحات فعالیت :
صادرات انواع مواد اولیه صنایع کارتن سازی و کاغذ 
واردات چای مرغوب سریلانکا
واردات و صادرات حبوبات
واردات انواع نهاده های دامی

Nokhbeh Moheb Business

Field of Activity: household appliances, raw materials for food industry, export and import ...
Activity Description:
  • Washing machine, refrigerator, stove
  • Import of whole milk powder, starter, glycerin and others …
  • Export of petrochemical products

Food Production Group

Field of Activity: Supply of food raw materials
Activity Description:
  • Supply of dairy raw materials of the country
  • Supply of raw materials for meat products industries
  • Supply of raw materials for confectionery, chocolate and bread

Rah Gosha Yasrebi Law Institute

Field of Activity: Accept legal representation in all lawsuits (legal, criminal, family, civil, bank, registrar, worker and employer, bankruptcy, customs, etc.) and provide advisory services in all legal affairs by the attorneys of the basic judiciary
Activity Description:
  • Accept legal representation in all lawsuits: criminal, legal, family, civil, accounting, customs, banking, bankruptcy, labor law, dispute resolution council, revolutionary court, Supreme Court, Administrative Justice Court ...